Bulk and Void Fill Grouting

Voids can be either man-made or natural.  Abandoned underground pipes or decommissioned subterranean man-made structures and poor backfills create hazards or voids which require fill.  Decomposing trash pits also create voids or sinkholes as they decompose and underground water infiltrations resulting from burst water mains, storm drains or other flows which carry away earth and materials create underground voids.


Abandoned pipes, man-made cavities, Sinkholes and deteriorating backfills are usually surface drilled as needed to reach the void.  The appropriate grout (cellular, chemical, Portland based, etc) is then injected through injection ports at prescribed pressure levels. Underground pipes may also be filled by building bulkheads fitted with fill and vent ports that are used to install and monitor the fill.  Low density high flow materials are used for pipe fills.


Applications for Void Fill

• Abandoned pipes

• Sink hole repair

• Decommissioning containment structures

• Decommissioning other underground structures

• Voids under concrete slabs

• Remediation of washed out voids

• Surface voids: rip rap, stream embankment stabilization.


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