Concrete Pressure Grouting Applications


  • Underground Utility Lines and Tunnels
  • Pipeline Abandonment Grouting
  • Primary Tunnel Liner Grouting
  • Shaft Liner Plate Grouting
  • Annular Space Grouting
  • Carrier Pipe Grouting
  • Casings with Conduits
  • Ground Stabilization
  • Erosion Control
  • Subsurface Voids at any Depth
  • Concrete Foundations and Pavement
  • Bridge Abutments and Slope Paving
  • Bulkheads
  • Wharfs
  • Earthen Dams
  • Levees
  • Rock Rip Rap
  • Industrial Storage Tank Foundations

Pressure grouting is the pumping of a cementitious material into a subsurface profile for a variety of applications. It is commonly applied to fill voids, displace water, and improve the load bearing capacity, strength and overall structural integrity of the existing structure. Jensen’s Pressure Grouting has unique, extensive experience in a wide range of projects utilizing low and high pressure grouting techniques for placement of material at various depths, heights and distances. Whether it's a low strength grout, high strength grout, non shrink grout or cellular grout Jensen’s Pressure Grouting has the knowledge and expertise.

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