Save Money - project cost savings of 20-30% less than typical slurry mixes.


High Strength/Low Density - Typical cast densities range from 25-120 pcf with compression strengths of 20-3000 psi.


Benefits of Cellular Concrete:

 •   Generally lower in cost than alternative load-reduction methods

 •   Easily placed by pump or gravity for rapid installation

 •   Lightweight

 •   Durable and noncorrosive

 •   Permanent and stable

 •   High slump (virtually self-leveling)

 •   Provides 100% compaction to fill spaces entirely without shrinkage

 •   Can have a broad range of densities and compressive strengths

 •   Absorbs shock waves

 •   High freeze-thaw resistance

 •   Insulating (can contain up to 80% air)

 •   Low water absorption and permeability

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