Structure and Slab Leveling


Otherwise known as slab jacking and mud jacking, Jensen's Pressure Grouting has defined the act of raising sunken concrete for decades. Using traditional methods with cement and chemical based materials can mean varying results and degrees of precision.


Injecting structural polyurethane foam into the voids or unstable earth beneath settling or rocking concrete slabs can stabilize them without excavation and added weight. Jensen’s can lift slabs, footings, tilled-up walls, buildings, etc. back to their original position using our Precision Lift products.


Benefits of Chemical Grouting for Slab Lifting and Leveling:


  • Quick and easy process
  • Stabilizes your base and strengthens slab
  • Cheaper than replacement
  • Less mess and inconvenience
  • Less disruptive: minimal loss of use
  • Your project can be completed in hours/days vs. weeks/months


Typical Slab Jacking Applications


Government: Roads, highways, bridges, airports, dams, catch basins and sidewalks


Industrial: Concrete floors, mining, subsurface utilities, retaining walls, tilled-up walls, footings, buildings, water tank pads, etc.


Residential: Patios, porches, walkways, driveways, pools, foundations


Many slab lifting jobs first require fixing underlying problems with uneven or settling substrate with soil stabilization. Jensen's Pressure Grouting targets the causes of settling by addressing soil stabilization prior to structure lifting. This creates long-term advantages including:


  • Erosion control Under Structure
  • Soil stabilization Under Slabs and Structures
  • High-Strength Void Fill
  • More Precise Slab Lifting


Determining which approach and products to use will depend on the soil conditions, what type of equipment you have available and the size of the project. Call Jensen’s Pressure Grouting at 770-644-0066 and one of our experts will assess your situation and recommend the best approach for your project. Jensen’s has decades of experience and are here to find solutions to your sinking concrete slabs and structures.


Slab Jacking Frequently Asked Questions


What is Slab or Mud Jacking?

A process used to raise concrete by drilling holes through the top surface of the concrete slab and pumping, under hydraulic pressure, a flowable cement or chemical grout underneath.


What can be raised or leveled?

All types of governmental, industrial and residential structural applications can be raised or leveled. Basically any concrete flat work can be lifted.  We raise sidewalks, stoops, driveways, pool decks, garage floors, patios, pads.


What is void filling or pressure grouting?

Void filling is performed by filling, by use of a long nozzle, voids left under a slab by means or erosion, foundation repair, settlement, or animals. If little to no pressure is used, its just called pressure grouting.


How do I get an estimate?

You can request an estimate by calling our office, email or filling out the information on our Contact page.


Is there a charge for an estimate?

No.  We provide free estimates.


Do I need to be home?

No, we are very flexible and can setup a time to meet you if required.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, 1 year. If the concrete slab(s) settles within three years of performing the work, we will come out and rework the settled slabs.  See your estimate proposal or paid invoice for warranty details.


How do I accept a proposal?

Just call our office and we will get you scheduled.


Do I need to be present when the work is done?



When can the mudjacking be done?

Slab/Mudjacking is not dependent on the weather.



How long does the work take to be done?

That depends on the size of the job.  Most residential work can be completed on the day scheduled.  Timing and finishing is always dependent upon the weather.



How big are the holes?

The drilled holes are approximately 3/8 inches in diameter for chemical, 1.5" for concrete pressure grouting.



How are the holes patched?

The holes are patched with concrete.



Will I notice the holes?

The drill holes are noticeable because we are putting fresh concrete on aged concrete.  In time, the holes will begin to blend with the existing concrete.



Will the pumped or mudjacked slab/structure raise after the work is completed?




What will happen to the existing cracks in my slab?

Unfortunately, the cracks will still exist.  In addition, we do not fill or patch concrete cracks.  That is the owner's responsibility.



How long will the area that is raised be out of service?

Most areas can be used right after we finish.



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