Permeation Grouting

Permeation grouting is the longest established and most commonly used grouting technique. It is most frequently used to fill soil pore-space and/or solidify loose soils and gravels. This works to increase the soil bearing capacity and/or impedes the flow of water. Both polyurethane and cement grouts can be used depending on the project goals, and both processes are similar: holes are drilled, injection ports are installed then the grout is pumped into the problem area. Injection pressures and volumes are typically monitored to ensure only pore space is being filled and no ground movement is induced.

Applications for Permeation Grouting

  • Stabilize soil under settling slabs, structures or footing
  • Water control around pipes and other structures
  • Soil solidification
  • Stabilize sinkholes
  • Curtain walls


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