Annular Space Grouting

Annular space grouting fills the voids between a larger host pipe and an inner liner or sleeve (PVC liners, HDPE liners, steel casings or fiberglass materials).  A lighter weight material (40#/cu ft. and above) is common to provide cost effective solutions due to its improved buoyancy factors. Cementitious materials may be used where higher strength is required or specified. Process expertise is critical in preventing floatation of the inner liner.  Soil conditions, presence of groundwater, weather conditions and depth are key determinants of the composition and application of the mix.  The Jensen team has 15 years of expertise with the art of annular grouting.


Applications for Annular Space Grouting

• Tunnel casings

• Strom drains

• Sewer drains

• All jack and bore sleeved structures


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