Compaction Grouting

Compaction grouting or Low mobility grouting (LMG) uses displacement to improve ground conditions where the soil is unstable, low strength or lacks the bearing capacity for a specified load.  LMG uses displacement to improve ground conditions.  A highly viscous aggregate is pumped in stages to form bulbs.  These displace low density soil conditions and density surrounding soils to meet required loading.  Low mobility grout uses very low slump grout mixture and is injected in a grid pattern at various prescribed depths.



Applications for compaction grouting

• Karstic Regions

• Rubble Fill

• Poorly Placed Fill

• Loosened Soil: Pre-Treatment

• Loosened Soil: Post-Treatment

• Liquefiable Soils

• Collapsible Soils

• Compensate for ground loss – Tunneling

Compaction grouting is commonly used to stabilize footings built on poor spoils or stabilize foundations and roadways.


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